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Who the hell is Bucky? (x)

There’s so much about this scene that needs to be talked about separately because each time you see this scene again, something new pops into your head.

In some recent post-TWS fics, there are scenes where Steve calls him Bucky, but Bucky/WS adamantly refuses to be referred to as Bucky because as far as he’s concerned, that’s not him.

You know, in 616, we weren’t afforded this extremely interesting and character developing opportunity. The Winter Soldier never got to rediscover who he was. (The way the comics handled Bucky remembering was fine by the way. MCU just didn’t set it up that way, because film and other storytelling things, and also like it’s it’s own universe).

It’s interesting because it forces us to think of them as two different people, even though eventually they become one person (this combination of the cocky Brooklyn boy and the desensitized assassin). But at the end of CATWS, The Winter Soldier has one name to go on. And he seeks out this name, seeks out James Buchanan Barnes, learns of this person that Captain America insists is him. And what does he feel? A connection? Disconnection? We don’t know.

I mean, he’s allowed to be his own person now. He’s allowed to create an identity whether it be something completely knew or falling back on who he was. Is he angry? Does he feel a loss? Or is the only thing guiding him Steve? Like, we really don’t know.

It’s just so interesting. The Winter Soldier always became a blank slate after missions. This is a new kind of blank slate entirely. 


ok so we all know sebastian has pretty great legs right i mean look at em





but can we please take a moment and just appreciate


how glorious


and peRFECT


his thighs are in tHE WINTER SOLDIER





All the time 😢



can’t stop watching this their expressions are hilarious and what is Matt doing with his hands I can’t. A failure in swag. sorry doc your adorbs.

also David’s tongue roll and Matt’s pouty lip


This is so sad. Im sorry adventure time fans. It hurts me by lookin at this.

haymitch abernathy. victor of the 50th hunger games.


got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”


BatB | Season One
Gag Reel  → Jay and Kristin AKA Cutest-Cast-Ever!

Marvel Actors On Motorcycles